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ickenham school of dance


Ickenham School Of Dance offers classes in Ballet, Modern, Tap, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Acrobatic Arts. For more info please look below. All our classes run on Monday, Saturday and Sunday. Classes run on a termly basis. 10- 11 week terms.



Age 6+ No previous training required. An upbeat class focusing on Leaps, Kicks and Turns.

CLASSICAL BALLET - Classical Ballet training offers great benefits for healthy bodies and healthy minds developing natural co-ordination, balance, agility and artistic appreciation.  The discipline of ballet provides the body with strength and good posture whilst focusing and stimulating the mind.  With regular classes a child will develop and stimulate their musicality and imagination, gain confidence in their physical abilities and enhance their social skills.  The ballet classes are accompanied by a live pianist.


MODERN JAZZ - Modern dance covers various styles of movements including Lyrical, Blues, Jazz and Funk. All work is technically based and therefore it is recommended that pupils study Ballet at the same time in order to gain the strength needed to enter for Modern exam Grades 2 and above.  Modern Jazz develops strength, flexibility and artistry.  This class focuses on fun within the discipline of the work.


TAP - Apart from being an essential skill for the professional dancer, tap dance is one of the most enjoyable and rhythmic forms of recreational dance. Tap is a great choice for promoting co-ordination, a sense of rhythm, and for strengthening and loosening foot, ankle and leg muscles. Tap is a popular choice with all age groups. Younger students delight in their ability to dance and make sound at the same time. More advanced students find great satisfaction in achieving and performing technically complex steps and body for dancing.


MUSICAL THEATRE - A one hour class where the students learn to sing, dance and act.  These classes are great for building confidence and developing lifelong skills through exploring the students creativity and independent thinking.


ACROBATIC ARTS - As dancers sometimes we have to perform tricks on a hard floor. Acrobatic Arts is a syllabus that helps us gain the correct technique to perform these tricks without injury. Acrobatics is similar yet different to gymnastics as dancers have to be trained without a sprung floor. We advise all students to take up a dance lesson to compliment the acro syllabus.


All fees are paid termly. Cash, BACS or cheques are accepted. All fees are to be paid by half term or a late fee will be added to your account.

30mins - £5:50

40 mins - £6:00

45 mins - £6:50

50 mins - £7:00

1 hour - £7:50

Competition squad £8:50 

Private lessons 1 hour £25

30 mins £12:50

Receive 15% discount if you attend 3 or more classes. 

Receive 20% discount if you attend 6 classes or more. 

ickenham dance class ickenham school of dance
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